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About Us

Our Story

We were born in 2017, as a corporation dedicated to advising and facilitating processes for Latin American Manufactures, who wanted to expand their business in the USA in a successful way, and vice versa, American companies that seek quality manufacturing and products in Latin American territory.

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We help brands to find the right manufacturers for their products,  we are the bridge and facilitators between these two entities. 


Our greatest satisfaction is to help our partners to grow their business and understand better the opportunities that the manufacturing in Latin American has to offer.


One of our greatest reasons is that we believe in the ability of small and medium-sized companies in Latin America to grow hand in hand with the brands, we can be an even stronger continent if we unite and educate ourselves on how to work together. With this we would create more jobs and this can contribute not only to the economic growth of the continent but also to stop a little the migration of our countries in search of opportunities.

Now lets talk about numbers. In 2018, the United States was the world's second-largest importer after the European Union, importing a total of $ 2.614 trillion in goods and services. Reflected in its GDP per capita of $59,939dlls.

Many of the products imported to the United States can be manufactured, grown and developed in Latin America without having to resort to Asian markets, in 2018 Mexico proved to be the second largest supplier after China in the United State, now in 2021 the market conditions have change and Latin America has a great opportunity in growing this supply chain to the US market.


First we will talk to understand your needs and challenges.


We can help you with:

  • Finding the right manufacturers for your products.


  • Manage the communication with those manufacturers.

  • Product Development.

  • Coordinating samples.


  • Packaging needs.

  • Inspections.

  • Coordinating Logistics.

​In other words you can focus on what you do best SALES.

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