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We know that right now there is a disruption on the supply chain, that affect a lot of sellers and their business, many of them are looking for other options to switch their manufacturing to other places.


This process can be overwhelming and frustrating,  trust us we get it, we been there.

Thats why Manufacture Suppliers its advocate to educate manufactures in Latin América in order to help e-commerce sellers to find the right manufacturer for their products and we recognize that this is the most important thing to do first.

We are a Latin American team that knows the culture, we have experience negotiating with the manufacturers and we will do it for you, while you can concentrate in what you do best SELL.

Also through the years we develop a great manufactures network and we mostly work directly with the owners this allow us to have a better and faster process.

Lets get this straight

Latin America its not China, but lets see some pros and cons:



- Strategic geographic location of some of the countries like México, in this case once you have your product ready for shipping you can have your product in the USA in a week or less.


- Lower investment in inventory, this will allow you not just to negotiate long-term volume contract trading but also you can schedule your monthly deliveries with your manufacturing company giving you the option to get better prices by volumen.

- You can easily visit the manufacturers but its important that you do it with someone that knows the culture and the country.

- Better time zoning: Many of the countries do not have more than 4 hours difference in time, which makes communication more accessible.

- Language: In Latin America you will find a better level of English, allowing you to have better communication with the manufacturers. 

- Investment Opportunities: Some of the manufacturing companies are open to making log term partnerships.



- At first the process can be slow since the Latin American culture takes things in its own time. However, once the sample is approved and production times are set, the process will be accelerated.

- Specialized products like electronics are quite difficult to manufacture. They are generally made in Latin America but by consolidated companies that do not manufacture for third parties.

- If you are not well advised by a person who knows the market and the culture, you can have a bad experience. It is not as easy as accessing a directory to contact them and close the deal.

The Process of Sourcing

We perform a research to find the right manufacturer for you, in most cases we pick manufacturers that already producing the same or similar products like yours, we will ask for samples and negotiate prices on your behalf. 

Once you approve the sample we will help you coordinate the inspections and logistics.

Whats Next? Expand your brand in Latin America

We also offer you the possibility to help you enter the Latin American market and expand your brand.  To learn more about this service. 

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