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The geographical advantage, which allows a physical contact with the supplier in less than 24 hours, and the development of the manufacturing industry in border cities, give Mexico a strong competitive advantage over other countries.


Mexico has a transversal logistics infrastructure that offers different competitive options to bring a product from Mexico to the United States.  Even if the prices of the goods are higher than Asian countries one of the biggest advvantage its the price of transporting the goods between one country to the other. There is also the cultural advantage, since a large number of logistics and service companies on the border have a lot of experience producing and moving merchandise from Mexico to the United States and vice versa.


The T-MEC is the new trade agreement between Mexico, Canada and the United States that replaces NAFTA; It goes into effect on July 1.


Around 90% of the products made in Mexico do not pay tariffs.


Products made in Mexico are consumed inmore than 160 countries.

Around the world, markets and consumers increasingly demand more value and quality in the products they purchase. The innovation and creativity of Mexicans are what provide these advantages to products manufactured in Mexico.



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